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Re: Custom DSDT Table in the fedora kernel at boot time


On Tuesday, 24 June 2008 at 18:05, Joshua C. wrote:
> I had a serios problems with my bios and at the end it was the dsdt 
> table that was broken. this gave me alot of kernel panics untill i 
> figured it out. Now I have to recompile the kernel every time a new 
> one goes out in order to put in my custom dsdt table and enable it. 
> this takes about 30 min and I cannot use any of the devel kernels.
> There is, however, a kernel patch at gaugusch.at/kernel.shtml which 
> enables the kernel to load a custom dsdt table from the initrd. and 
> this is alot faster than the previous method with the kernel 
> recompilation.
> Will it be possible for this patch to go in the mainstream fedora 
> kernel?

This has already been discussed and the answer was no:

Actually these bug reports should be marked as duplicates.

> Some other distros are using it and I don't see any reason why 
> fedora shouldn't use it either. I know this kind of tainting the 
> kernel is "dangerous" but it is the only way for user (like me) 
> with broken bios/dsdt table to run their kernels. And because lots 
> of bioses are tested only on windows there are no other way than 
> inserting a custom dsdt for linux.
> Any sugestions or downsides of this method that can prove the 
> exclusion of this patch from the mainstream fedora kernel?

Quoting Dave Jones (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=169014#c2):

| I've already explained this several times already.
| The only way this is going into the fedora kernel is via upstream.

| If users start manipulating their DSDTs, and getting panics etc, they file bugs
| here, and would 'neglect' to say how they hacked their dsdt's

| It's a support nightmare waiting to happen.

So there you go.


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