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32bit PowerPC questions.

PPC32 kernel builds take _forever_ in the build system. They're slowing things
down to such extent that I'm usually still waiting for them several hours
after the other architectures have finished building.

One way to make them slightly faster is to not build as many modules.
Looking through the config files, there's some obvious silly stuff in there
(I really really hope no-one found a way to put an IWL4965 in a PPC32 box).

The likelyhood of someone needing infiniband drivers on such a box is also
somewhat slim.  In culling out the obvious options though, there's a bunch
where I'm not quite sure, largely due to a) my ignorance when it comes to PPC,
and b) I have no idea what hardware platforms users are actually running Fedora
PPC32 on. (And smolt is useless here, because PPC boxes don't have DMI[*]).

So, if you use 32bit PowerPC, drop me a mail describing what kind of platform
it is. ("powermac G4" for eg).  Also useful would be lspci output, and
the answer to "does it have ISA slots?".



[*] It'd be a neat hack if we could extract this from openfirmware though..


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