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Re: Custom DSDT Table in the fedora kernel at boot time

Eric Sandeen wrote:
>It looks like it's already underway, at least as far as the author 
>concerned.  From http://gaugusch.at/kernel.shtml :
>Update as of 2008-03-15: Several maintainers in the Linux kernel 
>started to reconsider their position on the feature. The patch as 
>made a brief appearance in some development versions of the kernel
>2.6.25 (it has been reverted because deemed too likely to bring 
>but a new approach, patch v0.9, is already available for next
>development cycle).

ok guys,

then it is up to whether the patch is "clean" enough to go in the 
mainstream kernel.

I think the decision about a custom dsdt table in the kernel has 
been taken long time ago. and the answer is the option that enables 
the kernel to load a custom table. what the patch does is that it 
pospones the loading of the table until the initram is loaded. so 
the custom dsdt can be read from it.

If someone thinks the patch isn't good enough, then he should 
suggest his own patch. but for now this is the only one available. 
Either in the kernel or in the initram, in both cases we can load 
our custom dsdt table. the only difference is that the kernel 
recompilation takes about 30 mins (compared to the 2mins for the 
repacking of the initram). I really don't see any objections to 
simplifying this process.

Please, prove me wrong, but I'm just trying to make it easier to 
run linux on my machine. And the patch simlifies this process.

PS: There is one more option:
Email the acpi-dev-team my custom dsdt so that they can include it 
in the mainline kernel :). Since this is the "missing" code that 
breaks my machine, it should be send as a patch for inclussion. And 
this is the only way to make my hardware work. So maybe I should 
email the kernel-acpi-dev-team :). As you can see, this is a lot 
"dirtier" than the above solution. Any other ideas how to make my 
hardware work? :)


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