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Review request: new package (zfuzz), "new" maintainer

Could anyone review my new package (zfuzz), a "Type-checker and LaTeX style for the Z spec language"? It's a small package; bugzilla at:

I'm not new to Linux or OSS, but this is my first RPM submission to the Fedora repository,
so review and sponsorship would be great.  (Yes, I already set FE-NEEDSPONSOR).

Its rpmlint is clean, it mock-builds on F9 i386, and I believe it meets all
Fedora guidelines and review items.  Rationale, etc., are in comments in the .spec file.
I know that it also builds on x86_64 rawhide.
The only thing that I know needs doing is testing on PPC, but I'll just
exclude those architectures if they don't work.

BTW, I think that the documentation for _creating_ Fedora RPMs was awful.
So I created a page on the Wiki for those who are creating their first RPM package,
so that others who want to create Fedora RPMs have a fighting chance:
If anyone else wants to make improvements to that, that'd be great.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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