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Re: Fedora 9 kernel configuration


You are right in the /boot config file everything is ok.

But if you install the kernel source and look in the config-debug,
config-x86 and so on files non of them contain the 3 values all toghether.

Best regards,
Adrian Joian

> 2008/6/25 Adrian Joian <adrian joian fedoraproject ro>:
>> Moreover in the kernel config files i see no file that is containg all
>> of
>> the 3 settings.
> Specifically.. which files are you looking at for the settings.  Chuck
> referenced the
> /boot/config-  file which is the exact
> configuration file used at build time for the 6.25.6-55.fc9.i686
> kernel. It is provided as part of the kernel package.    If you are
> not looking in /boot for a config file that is part of the kernel
> package you are interested in, then you are most likely looking in the
> wrong place.
> -jef
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