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If you check the 'comps' module in package CVS, you'll see the new file
comps.rng[1]. This is a RELAX NG[2] schema for validating the grammar of
our comps.xml files. 

We're hoping to rig this up to the CVS checkin procedure to ensure that
all changes result in valid comps files. We're also going to use it as
part of the daily acceptance testing for Rawhide.

Nicolas Mailhot gets all the thanks for writing the schema - I just
checked it into CVS. 

If anyone would care to comment on the undocumented[3] parts of comps -
especially what the heck metapkg is for and whether we need it - it
would be greatly appreciated.



1 http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/comps/comps.rng?rev=1.1&view=log
2 http://relaxng.org/
3 Look for <a:documentation> tagged items in comps.rng to see what's
documented so far.

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