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Re: Fedora Support channels Improvement ideas

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Thats just a few ideas to get things going.

I've always thought the following idea would be cool to implement. It's not IRC, but I figured I would throw this idea out there, especially now since you now have talk.fedoraproject.org.

What about *free* telephone support?

A rough outline:

* newbie user has problem. Has no clue what IRC is. Knows what telephone is.

* supergeeks live on IRC, read every message in fedora-devel (well, almost) and have VoIP software with talk.fedoraproject.org account.

* Each supergeek, when available, goes to a webpage and clicks "available" to let fedora asterisk know they are available "agents" (in asterisk speek) that can receive calls from the support queue.

* noob calls local number via the majick of a bunch of $2 DIDs around the world which connects them to the fedora asterisk server. "Welcome to the fedora telephone server..." They hit "1" for support.

* fedora asterisk looks at all the available agents and routes the call to one of them.

"Thanks for calling Fedora support! This is supergeek $foo. How can I help?"

Just an idea....


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