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Re: Fedora Support channels Improvement ideas

On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 16:30 -0300, jeff wrote:
> Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> > Thats just a few ideas to get things going. 
> I've always thought the following idea would be cool to implement. It's not 
> IRC, but I figured I would throw this idea out there, especially now since you 
> now have talk.fedoraproject.org.
> What about *free* telephone support?
> A rough outline:
> * newbie user has problem. Has no clue what IRC is. Knows what telephone is.

If newbie doesn't want to do any research, I'm sure there are companies
that will gladly provide services such as support and training in
exchange of money.

> "Thanks for calling Fedora support! This is supergeek $foo. How can I help?"

I don't really expect anyone to catch up onto that, because:
- they'll have a torrid time on the phone with people expecting
professional support
- not everyone speaks English
- doing support just isn't fun

Trying to get more people on board the forums, and making sure
documentation is easily searchable is a much better idea IMO.

For the forums, I could see a point in maintainers of packages being
slightly higher status if they were to create accounts on

/Bastien, RH support engineer for 4.5 years

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