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Re: Backporting some F9 packages to F8

Joshua C. <joshuacov <at> googlemail.com> writes:
> I have F8 and I like it. F9 is better but there are still some issue for me.
> My ati card isn't resonably supported by the free ati driver. the fglrx I
> don't like either and other minor problems (acer hk, kde359 is still better
> than 404 I think, etc). therefore I'm kind of "stuck" with f8.I'm still
> waiting for the upgrade to F9.

Other people have other reasons not to upgrade to F9, we can't produce hundreds 
of F8/F9 hybrids to make everyone happy. Either you want the new stuff or you 
don't. (That said, some people have had success with upgrading to F9 while 
keeping the X.Org X11 from F8, which would look like almost what you want. It 
requires some tweaking though, and isn't really a "supported" configuration. If 
you prefer KDE 4.0.83 to 4.0.5, you can get that for F9 from kde-redhat 
unstable. The plan is to push KDE 4.1 to F9 when it is actually released.)

In any case, what's sure is that no KDE 4.x.y will ever be pushed as an 
official F8 upgrade (except for the parts which are already there: the 
development platform and Dolphin). In kde-redhat unstable maybe (it currently 
has 4.0.4 for F8), but Rex is focusing on F9 and newer these days, so he might 
not have the time and/or interest to push 4.1 down to the F8 repo at 

        Kevin Kofler

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