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RE: Packaging of Nagios

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> Matthew Jurgens skreiv:
> > I am waiting for the release of the fedora Nagios v3 package and was
> > 
> > wondering if I could get involved to help speed up the process?
> I've packaged Nagios 3 for my self and contacted Shawn Starr 
> and asked 
> if he was interested in the updates to the existing package. 
> He replied 
> that it wasn't interesting before the nagios 2 line was killed off.
> So, it seems like fedora has been debianized ;)

It's not that. If we want to drop Nagios 2.x how will people upgrade properly? We could make a nagios3 package but my worry is what depends on Nagios (I haven't seen the list yet).


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