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Re: Packaging of Nagios

Mike McGrath skreiv:
On Fri, 27 Jun 2008, Dan Horák wrote:

Roy-Magne Mo píše v Pá 27. 06. 2008 v 18:22 +0200:
Matthew Jurgens skreiv:
I am waiting for the release of the fedora Nagios v3 package and was

wondering if I could get involved to help speed up the process?
I've packaged Nagios 3 for my self and contacted Shawn Starr and asked
if he was interested in the updates to the existing package. He replied
that it wasn't interesting before the nagios 2 line was killed off.

So, it seems like fedora has been debianized ;)

But you can submit a package called nagios3 and when there will be no
conflicts with nagios then Fedora will have both.

It amuses me that, for whatever reason, none of you have bothered to
contact me about it and instead went to a list that already gets way to
much traffic.  My email address is: mmcgrath fedoraproject org

If you're interested in getting nagios 3 ready and into Fedora, I could
certainly use help with that.

I will register a bugzilla in a couple of hours with a upgrade request. The changes required to upgrade to Nagios 3 isn't all that big spec wise. There are some changes to the config format, so people should be aware when upgrading.

I've been running this rpm in production for at least a month now.

This is the spec file:

This is the source rpm:

Roy-Magne Mo

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