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Re: Xen kernel freezing during boot after upgrading from FC8 to FC9

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
Casimiro de Almeida Barreto wrote:

I've posted this before... but it seems it is not solved yet.

After I upgraded from FC8 to FC9 Xen kernels are freezing during boot. More precisely just after the message: (Xen) ... relinquishing VGA
The same problem happens with and

Best regards,

Casimiro Barreto

Same in current rawhide....

F9 switched to using the upstream paravirt_ops infrastructure for Xen, so that the Xen kernels can keep in sync with the baremetal kernel, rather than lagging behind several releases. Unfortunately, there are still some features necessary to be a dom0 Xen host that have not yet been ported to paravirt_ops, so the F9 Xen kernel can't boot your physical box, though it'll run just fine under an F8 dom0. F10 is expected to have full dom0 support, using paravirt_ops, but for now, you'll either have to use F8 in your dom0, or use something like KVM that's fully merged.

-- Chris

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