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Re: Packaging of Nagios

Michael Weiner skreiv:
On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Roy-Magne Mo <rmo sunnmore net <mailto:rmo sunnmore net>> wrote:

    I will register a bugzilla in a couple of hours with a upgrade
    request. The changes required to upgrade to Nagios 3 isn't all that
    big spec wise. There are some changes to the config format, so
    people should be aware when upgrading.

    I've been running this rpm in production for at least a month now.

    This is the spec file:

    This is the source rpm:

Looking at the spec file, it isnt clear to me why there is an initrd patch for nagios? Could you please shed a little more light on that for me, please?

These changes were carried on from the existing spec-file. The initrd patch is for the initscript.

The diff between my nagios.spec and the existing nagios-2.12-3 is here:

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