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/usr/share/eclipse/* -> %{_libdir}/eclipse/


In the past we've struggled with multilib issues in the Eclipse SDK
package.  Examples include having to re-pack every JAR to have a common
timestamp, shuffling arch-specific JARs off to %{_libdir} thus causing
headaches with upstream mechanisms (which I'm concerned will continue
with the new version), etc.

I just found out today that Debian ships everything in
%{_libdir}/eclipse to avoid these issues.  I'm proposing we do the same
for Fedora 10 and beyond.

- self-contained installation like upstream
- dramatically speeds up builds
- remove potential for bugs with the multiple locations
- looks like an upstream download
- consistency with other distributions

- larger disk footprint for multilib installations (on the order of 100
  MB ... although the vast majority of users don't use both)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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