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Re: Backporting some F9 packages to F8

Joshua C. wrote:
I have F8 and I like it. F9 is better but there are still some issue for me. My ati card isn't resonably supported by the free ati driver. the fglrx I don't like either and other minor problems (acer hk, kde359 is still better than 404 I think, etc). therefore I'm kind of "stuck" with f8.

I'm still waiting for the upgrade to F9.

2008/6/27 Dan Horák <dan danny cz <mailto:dan danny cz>>:

    Joshua C. píše v Pá 27. 06. 2008 v 11:28 +0200:
    > Can someone backport some of the F9 packages to F8? Especially
    some of
    > the following:
    > firefox 3
    > openoffice.org <http://openoffice.org> 2.4.1 (3 beta)
    > kdebase 4.0.83  beta
    > mesa
    > xorg-x11-drv-ati
    > pulseaudio
    > gdm
    > gcc
    > ............................
    > and other "basic" packages. It would be nice to have up-to-date F8.

    And what will be then the reason to update from F-8 to F-9?


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I thought about creating an rpm for Firefox 3.0 for Fedora 8 because my brother's computer doesn't like Fedora 9 and Firefox 3.0 better suits his needs than Firefox 2.0. Whether or not v2 is better than v3 is up to personal opinion, in my opinion, and I understand your ATI card issue as well because I have the same issue. Anyway if I get around to creating the rpm, and it works, I'll send you the rpm.
-- Brad

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