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LEGAL: SystemC Open Source License 2.3

Hello there,

I'm wishing someone could point out _whether_ the :
SYSTEMC OPEN SOURCE LICENSE v2.3 is compatible with Fedora Licenses policies.

I've just requested a package review for systemc.


SystemC's entrance on Fedora repositories will considerably elevate
FEL's professional status. We will attract more professionals than

Fedora Electronic Lab is a platform for designing hardware with
opensource software.
Cadence and Synopsys, two big leading 'enemies' companies in the
semiconductor world have worked together for systemc.

Thus with systemc in the fedora repositories,
* we can provide quality and entreprise solutions to our Fedora Users.
* more universities or hardware engineers will be interested.
* more chances having embedded solutions by FEL in the future.

Another issue is that to obtain the sources, one has to subscribe on
their website.

There is already a Linux distribution shipping systemc, SCLinux:

Aside FEL is shipping VHDL and Verilog support, systemc's inclusion
would simply be the best professional and entreprise solution that we
can provide.

kind regards,

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