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Re: LEGAL: SystemC Open Source License 2.3

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
Hello there,

I'm wishing someone could point out _whether_ the :
SYSTEMC OPEN SOURCE LICENSE v2.3 is compatible with Fedora Licenses policies.


In general it looks ok, but ..
INAS (I Am Not Spot) but this could be a problem:

2.6 License to Marks.

(b)    Recipient shall assist OSCI to the extent reasonably necessary to
protect and maintain the Marks worldwide, including, but not limited to,
giving prompt notice to OSCI of any known or potential infringement of the
Marks, and cooperating with OSCI in preparing and executing any
documents necessary to register the Marks, or as may be required by the
laws or rules of any country or jurisdiction. In its sole discretion, OSCI
may commence, prosecute or defend any action or claim concerning the
Marks. OSCI shall have the right to control any such litigation, and
Recipient shall fully cooperate with OSCI in any such litigation. OSCI shall
reimburse Recipient for the reasonable costs associated with providing
such assistance, except to the extent that such costs result from
Recipient’s breach of this Section 2.6. Recipient shall not commence any
action regarding the Marks without OSCI’s prior written consent.

So in effect the person receiving the license is in turn promising to help sue people who are in breach of the SystemC trademark, hmmmmm.



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