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diploma thesis with kvm


I am going to work on my diploma thesis in autumn.

Currently I am working on an idea and could need some feedback.

My idea is to extend kvm virtualisation with a feature that could be
usefull in cluster computing: The ability to sync network traffic
between several machines to make a snapshot of many machines which
interact with each other.

The basic concept is to log the outgoing and incoming packets for a
while until each machine is ready to be paused, then pause all, do
whatever you want (make a snapshot, migrate etc.).
When the machines are started again the packet log is compared and
missing packets are sent to their targets again.

So if any of you could answer me some questions I would be gratefull:

1. Is that already possible (I hope not ;) )?
2. Is that usefull?
3. Is that generally possible?
4. Are there any papers out there about how the network stack is
implemented in KVM?

thank you for any advice.


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