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Fedora 9 Xfce Spin - Progress Report


Fedora 8 Xfce Spin included almost all the Xfce utilities and plugins, all the languages that Fedora supports and retained the upstream Xfce layout. There has been some progress and some things we would like to get more feedback on certain things. The entire list of things being considered is documented in


The latest kickstart file is available at


I am highlighting some specific changes below

Look and Feel

We did not get default Fedora 8 background in the Fedora 8 Xfce spin (due to a bug) and icon theme was rodent which is the default icon set for upstream Xfce You can see some screenshots in


The new default look and feel for Xfce in rawhide is this:


As you can see, Xfce now inherits the same default background as GNOME and KDE and uses the Mist icon set which is also the default in GNOME currently. The hard dependency on xfce-icon-theme from xfce4-panel and Thunar has been dropped in rawhide. I believe we are supposed to be getting the Nodoka theme but that doesn't appear to be the case yet. There has been some discussions about the default panel layout and there is a lot of different possibilities including a GNOME like layout but we are likely to go ahead with some changes by including the trash, mixer applet in the default top panel. If there is a preference for a specific layout, let us know what (include screenshots preferably) and explain why.


I have also made some changes to the kickstart file so that tracker desktop search isn't started by default while running as a live cd. I don't believe that this is going to affect performance much especially with the new tracker in rawhide which suspends itself while the system in busy but I saw a few complaints on this and have fixed this now.

Package Changes

I have dropped all the language packs temporarily and I am hoping to add a select few where upstream and Fedora translations are more complete and based on demand. There are a number of other package changes including the addition of transmission, GIMP, replacement of Evince with epdfview etc and these are not final yet. The current kickstart file produces a nearly 600 MB image on x86 architecture. Any testing and feedback is most welcome. I intend to continue sending progress reports on a regular basis whenever we make major changes.


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