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qt/qt4 -> qt3/qt rename coming soon to a rawhide near you.

Just a heads-up to package maintainers, that a final piece of kde4 feature landing in rawhide is renaming qt packages(1)
qt  -> qt3
qt4 -> qt

qt(3) as-is in rawhide/devel already includes Provides: qt3, which means any package that currently includes
BuildRequires: qt-devel
should be updated asap to use
BuildRequires: qt3-devel
instead. This 'qt3' Provides is included only in rawhide atm, but we plan to include this in future qt updates for F-7/F-8 as well.

A quick-n-dirty repoquery I did this morning revealed 81 packages that need updating to BR: qt3-devel, to be posted (soon) to:

-- Rex

(1) see also:

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