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Re: Multilib Middle-Ground

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Colin Walters <walters <at> verbum.org> writes:
The right way to approach this I think is to target specific third
party applications which we want to work out of the box.  Say for
example, Flash and VMWare Workstation.  Surely there are others, but I
think we can arrive at a reasonably sane set.  We then add these
packages to the default install image.

How about the empty set? We should only support properly-packaged RPMs, which will drag in these dependencies if they're installed (from a valid repository or using something like yum localinstall), if the proprietary applications don't want to provide them, why should we care?

The KDE Live image is at the limit of CD size, every compat cruft package added is an application we have to remove to compensate for the size, why should we remove useful applications or go over the standard 700 MB CD size to accomodate proprietary crap which we can't ship and which isn't even packaged properly?

Gross exaggeration... 'default install image' doesn't have to mean Live CDs. Also are you actually suggesting that it would be best for those proprietary applications to ship their own libraries because Fedora makes it difficult to get their applications to work on x86_64 boxes due to the company being forced to figure out what i386 rpms they have to explicitly require on those machines... in Fedora... and not in other rpm based distros? You've got to be kidding.

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