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Re: Multilib Middle-Ground

Andrew Farris wrote:

No, it doesn't, which is exactly my point... the harder, or more explicitly, anything must be done to distribute proprietary software... the more likely it will be done with a shell script which spews files all over the place.

You don't get proprietary software to work nicely with package management systems by making it even harder.

Would you mind leaving the 'p' word out of this discussion? The same principle applies to all software that isn't recompiled and repackaged between every version, including the user's own and other programs where source is available but you don't want to have to rebuild (if we did want to recompile every week we'd be running gentoo...). Pretending this is specific to proprietary software puts the wrong spin on the conversation here. The only difference being proprietary makes in this case is that someone else needs to do this work and probably maintain specific versions separately for each fedora version instead of every using doing that himself.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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