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Re: augeas - reading/modifying/writing system configuration files

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 02:15:02PM +0200, Harald Hoyer wrote:
> C:
> augeas *a = aug_init(NULL, NULL, AUG_NONE);
> ret = aug_match(a, "/files/etc/grub.conf/title", &matches_p);
> ret = aug_get(a, "/files/etc/grub.conf/default", &value);
> ret = aug_set(a, "/files/etc/grub.conf/default", "1");
> ret = aug_save(a);
> Simple, isn't it? :-)

Pretty simple :)

> See also: http://augeas.net/tour.html
> _What should use augeas?_
> All system-config-* tools should use augeas, as well as every tool 
> modifying system configuration files like e.g. NetworkManager.

If we are talking about modifying system-config-* packages I think it
is time to think if system-config packages are good configuration
utilities. I think not.

In my opinion we need one tool which will load plugins and
configuration files should be modified through them. Every package which
has configuration file will have simple plugin for one system wide
tool and package maintainer should also maintain plugin for his
package (because he knows about latest options etc).

I know this will need hard work but in the end things will be far more

> _Why should I switch my tool to use augeas?_
> * not to reinvent the wheel
> * one source to rule them all

Definitely, standardization on this field is pretty good from my point
of view.


Adam Tkac, Red Hat, Inc.

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