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I tried to use the approach outlined here:


to make a package containing both some binaries and a library.  The
binaries are linked against the library.  The library provides
functionality used by other open source projects.  However, as the
reviewer pointed out, the -libs subpackage described on that page
conflicts with the Packaging Guidelines.  In particular, all
subpackages are supposed to Require the main package, but that gets
turned into all packages, including the main package, Require the
-libs subpackage.  I thought about this approach.

foo: main package, contains the .so.* files
foo-devel: contains the .h and .so files
foo-bin: contains the binaries

The only downside I can see to that approach is that some people might
be confused when they install just foo and don't get the binaries.
How have others addressed this issue?  Also, shoud I read anything
into the age of that packaging draft?  Thanks,
Jerry James

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