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Re: rhgb no more

Ray Strode wrote:
Hi guys,

One thing you will soon notice in F10 rawhide is that rhgb is no
longer around.  We've blocked it and plan on replacing it for F10.

This is a continuation of our "BetterStartup" feature from a few
Fedoras ago (I would post a link but the wiki seems to be down).  The
replacement for rhgb will be a mixture of two things:

1) Starting gdm as early as possible and fitting it to give boot
progress before asking for login.   This is somewhat in line with the
early-login prototype feature some of you may remember from several
fedora releases ago.

2) Hiding boot messages before gdm unless escape key is pressed.  For
graphics hardware that has drm modesetting, we'll be able to show some
sort of pretty graphics, and for everyone else we'll show a very
simple text mode progress.

Just a heads up,

This summer I'll be dedicated fulltime to Upstart. I wouldn't mind contributing quite a bit to the new graphical boot as part of this.

I have some rough ideas on how we might visualize the upstart boot process, rather than just displaying a progress bar or little ping-ponger.


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