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Re: GNU Unifont update

Le Jeu 15 mai 2008 06:15, Qianqian Fang a écrit :


> I think this will probably be interesting to the people in this list.
> With the blessing from Roman Czyborra, the former maintainer of
> GNU Unifont, Paul Hardy, a volunteer developer from CA, is now
> officially maintaining this widely used dual-width bitmap font.


> http://unifoundry.com/unifont.html
> It would be nice to see this extensively updated GNU Unifont
> pushed through all branches for Fedora. I will keep you posted
> or send Paul directly here to announce his release.

Does this mean the WQY fonts are deprecated now and should be replaced
with GNU unifont ? If that's the case you need to start a rename
procedure and modify the comps files of branches unifont will be
pushed to.

If that's not the case, and WQY and GNU Unifont fonts will exist in
parallel from now on, we need to find a packager for GNU unifont. I'd
say the current WQY packager is best placed to take unifont up :p


Nicolas Mailhot

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