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Re: F8 -> F9 but keeping KDE3: technically feasible?

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
Can I reasonably expect binary compatibility for F8 packages
on F9? I hope gcc ABI didn't change drastically.

Honestly, I'm not sure how big an issue you will have with this.

I think I will try my luck next days; in the worst scenario I will
restore a full backup.
But I'm sadly using the nvidia binary driver on this machine
(Quadro FX 570M) and it looks like neither the binary nor the open
source drivers are an easy path for F9. If I don't find a
good solution for this, attempting the F9+KDE3 mess becomes
less attractive.

You can use the nvidia drivers with F9 if you run the F8 xorg packages; quite a few people have been doing this with success throughout the F9 development.

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