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Re: Xorg 1.5 missed the train?

Christopher Stone wrote:
I'm sure a repo will pop up with all the necessary rpms if nVidia
doesn't come out with drivers soon enough.  It is just frustrating
that it has to happen this way.  Such a small amount of effort to make
the distro user friendly for everyone, and yet we must stick to our
principles and screw the end user.  It doesn't make sense.

You seem to be deliberately ignoring the already stated (more than once) in the thread actual workaround that has existed for months. The F8 version xorg rpms work just fine with F9... many people have been using them for months during the F9 development cycle... there are multiple howto and blog posts about how to make it happen.

The rpms don't need to show up in a special repo. The xorg developers don't need to fix some hack-workaround-multiple-xserver release. You need to try using google. If you cannot handle the downgrade you need to try using google again for instructions on downgrading rpms. Finally, you should put your time to better use by doing the aforementioned things (which would result in a nicely working F9+nvidia glx capable system in much less time than it took to complain about this).

As for your previous 'it looks easy to me' claims on providing the backward capability: please go ahead and supply those rpms at your leisure if it is so easy. The rest of us will probably just downgrade xorg to F8 happily or wait for nvidia. If you're interested, I have criticized nvidia over their slow release cycle for years now, but criticizing the Fedora community over this issue is just pointless. The problem lies in the smallish development resources nvidia has dedicated to the linux community which cannot handle rapid development and release for moving targets (the ABI changes).

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