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Re: Orphaning my Packages - "packager pump-ups" :-)

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 4:01 AM, G <balajig81 gmail com> wrote:
Off late There are more contributors joinig fedora which is excellent

I'm all ears as to what you think is appropriate feedback.
How many times has my package, and it's updates been downloaded ?
ie am I really just doing this for myself, or are my fellow Fedorians benefiting from my work {and it takes me weeks to get even a basic package ready for the review process, so I understand how much work} ?

This could at least be tracked on the fedoraproject managed sites, as raw down-load hits. Would miss the packages that are included in live cd's and within download media.

Perhaps an advance on the mirror-manager tracker that allows a mirror to upload download hit counts for each rpm file for the day/week/month etc ?

Also, number of available and or installed packages that use my package as a requires ?

smolt for packages ? opt-in, no-ip tracking possible. I guess that is what redhat network etc would have been doing in "helping us track our system's updatedness" in late rhl / early fedora times.

And, many thanks to Brandon for the work done in making some php packages like json available - this made it a lot easier for me to get eg sugar crm demo going for work.



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