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Re: SESSION_MANAGER env var in rawhide and XSMP spec

On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 01:08 +0200, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> Hi
> I've been trying to track down some issues with gnome-session in GNOME
> 2.23.x which is in rawhide now. I first noticed this when trying out a
> jhbuild of GNOME 2.23.x, but then noticed that rawhide suffers from the
> same symptoms. A bunch of processes are left in [defunct] state after
> login and starting new programs complains about not being able to
> connect to the session manager.
> After some investigation and help from one of the gnome-session
> maintainers we noticed that the SESSION_MANAGER env var in rawhide
> differs from other distros. What I see in rawhide is this:
> [kmaraas localhost gnome-session]$ echo $SESSION_MANAGER
> local/unix:@/tmp/.ICE-unix/2994
> and he had:
> ´╗┐local/henderson:/tmp/.ICE-unix/14577

I'm not aware of any code placing semantic meaning on the
SESSION_MANAGER variable.  libSM doesn't even look at the right hand
side of the / in the transport spec when the transport is "local", so
the different hostnames shouldn't matter.

That said, that change didn't actually fix the bug I put it in to try to
fix, so I should probably just back it out.

- ajax

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