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Re: Suggestion with respect to the Fedora Update System

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 2:34 AM, Bill Crawford
<billcrawford1970 gmail com> wrote:
> Um, maybe disabling the testing repo and running package-cleanup
> --orphans would help?
> [ answer: not necessarily; but it should  then exclude stuff that's
> already been pushed to stable ]

I am reasonable clued in on how to heuristically figure out what I am
running for testing.  Trying to out pedantic me is a losing
proposition, and utterly not the point I trying to make.
If we want a noticable uptick in the number of people using bodhi, we
need to drive the necessarily information to interact with bodhi into
the default UI.  There is a substantial lack of 'timely' communication
to our users regarding our desire to have them interact with bodhi.
We fail at communicating a consistent message.  If we want to see the
karma system really used, we'll need to encourage people to use
updates-testing and have an easy way for people to know that we desire
their feedback on the packagins installed from updates-testing.

Only the rarest of people are going to really enjoy crafting special
scripted queries with yum or repoquery with magic incantations on the
cmdline.  And these are the same breed of people who are going to
attempt to crack bodhi's capcha system so they can script a karma bump
because they in fact loath any and all graphical interface approach
and would prefer that all activity could be non-interactively scripted
on system whose only user application not run from cron is vi.  In
fact I could already be working on that.

-jef"2 hours into a 30 hour trip from Fairbanks,US to Sydney,AU."spaleta

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