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Re: Reasons to preseve X on tty7

Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >
> >>> I've had with Fedora 8/9 is the cr*p nvidia drivers don't work
> >>> quite right on my setup, and that's hardly Fedora's fault.
> >>
> >> It is fedora's fault that their policy makes it difficult for you
> >> to run vendor drivers.
> > I'm sure this wasn't your intent anyway, but please don't put words
> > in my mouth :-). I happen to *agree* with the policy. The problem,
> > rather -
> > at least as I see it - is simply that nvidia's drivers suck :-).
> Nobody can write code that always survives changes in non-standard
> interfaces.  Nvidia's drivers for OS's that provide stable interfaces
> work fine.
> > Which is hardly Fedora's fault;
> Well, it is a generic Linux problem, but fedora could make it easier
> for the users by not pushing out interface changes without
> coordinating with driver providers.

Oh, but Fedora does. For the drivers it supports, that is. If you download
random junk from the 'net, it's no wonder if it doesn't work right.
Complain to whoever supplies that (nVidia, in this case).

> > if nvidia would get with the program and make Free and Open drivers,
> > then maybe they could be fixed.

> Probably not - they would just be in the same shape as firewire and
> scsi drivers that go months/years with bugs that don't get fixed.

Which drivers? Have you reported said bugs to Fedora or the kernel folks?


> > Given what it is, I'm sure some people have trouble with Fedora, and
> > you have my sympathy if you're one of them. I'm not convinced,
> > however, that such problems are the norm and not the exception.

> And I'm not convinced that anyone even tries anything that matters
> with fedora - or runs it across a large variety of hardware.

I'm running Fedora on a range of hardware, and it works fine.
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