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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 2008-10-29

Le Lun 3 novembre 2008 11:46, Denis Leroy a écrit :

> Comps evolved over time into something that doesn't make a whole bunch
> of sense to me. Is the main use of comps still for installation groups
> within yum and anaconda ? A lot of packages are not installation
> "targets" but simply libraries that should only be installed by being
> pulled in from dependency resolution. Now if we're trying to
> "categorize" all packages nonetheless, it'd be better to have a
> tag-based system from packagedb, where packages can be "tagged"
> a-la-gmail, and also belong into multiple tag groups as some things
>   really belong into multiple categories...

This tag-based system still needs to have a human-editable file
deployment format since we do want third-party and private
repositories to be categorised and 'just install packagedb' won't ever

Right now this deployment format is comps.

I agree it is less than ideal, but so far no clear entity has stepped
up to make it evolve (and any evolution would need
anaconda/yum/packagedb/packagekit/spin-tools buy-in).

Nicolas Mailhot

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