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Re: Comps/groups/tags-concepts

On Tue November 4 2008, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> 2. this stuff can change during the (sub)package life, bugzilla only has
> the initial state (and not even all the packages, early packages are not
> in there)

I agree that bugzilla is not a good choice for this.

> 3. that pushes more logic infra-side, which is not nice for third
> parties (and we want third parties to be comfortable creating their own
> private additions to Fedora)

I cannot follow here, because third parties still can use the comps file that 
any frontend will spit out.

> 4. that would mean packagers need to control the way their package
> appears in comps in two different places (unless you generate the whole
> file from this other place, which almost certainly rules out bugzilla
> and is contrary to 3. anyway), which means more packager hassle and
> something we want to avoid

I would enjoy a useful UI to edit groups, because I have to edit it around 
once for each package I bring into Fedora, so a well designed UI can help a 
lot here, that too manually search trough a huge xml file to find a 
appropriate category. Also I do not see any reason why not both should be 
possible, i.e. use packagedb as a frontend to edit comps and still store it 
in some scm, where anyone interested can edit it manually.


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