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Re: How to get an SELinux policy change

Jerry James wrote:
I'm working on getting GCL to run again.  The current Debian patch
(which is enormous) fixes most problems, but not the long-running
SELinux problem that GCL has had.  I took a hint from a thread on this
list a couple of months ago.  I let make run until it crashed due to a
denied mprotect() call, did chcon -t java_exec_t on the binaries, and
restarted the make.  It completed successfully.  I can patch the
makefile to do the chcon call in the right place, but I'm worried
about getting the right security context on installation now.  First,
is using java_exec_t in this way acceptable?  Second, if so, how do I
ask for Fedora's policy to reflect that: bugzilla, request on this
list, some other list?  Thanks,

Just file a bugzilla against selinux-policy. Dan Walsh (the maintainer) is usually very fast and correct in fixing issues like this one.



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