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Re: f8 packages not upgraded by f9

On Thu, 06 Nov 2008 16:59:55 -0600, Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> While peeking at my list of orphaned packages, I noticed these, from f8:
> grub-0.97-33.1.fc8.x86_64
> hal-info-20080607-2.fc8.noarch
> In the case of grub, it looks like the f9 distro tag isn't being 
> considered as newer than f8 when the version is otherwise the same (bug?).

Packaging mistake. In RPM version comparison, numbers are "higher than"

1 > a
1 > f
1 > fc9
33.1 > 33.fc9
33.1.fc8 > 33.fc9

> For hal-info, it looks suspiciously like an f8 update postdated the f9 
> release and is versioned such that the f8 is "newer". I guess the 
> even-newer f10 package will just "fix" this, but it's still strange.
> Any thoughts?

Packaging mistakes. Such updates for older dist branches ought to
increase the package release at the very right:  1.fc8 --> 1.fc8.1 --> 1.fc8.2
and so on, to stay "older than" 1.fc9

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