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Re: f8 packages not upgraded by f9

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Thu, 06 Nov 2008 16:59:55 -0600, Matthew Woehlke wrote:

While peeking at my list of orphaned packages, I noticed these, from f8:


In the case of grub, it looks like the f9 distro tag isn't being considered as newer than f8 when the version is otherwise the same (bug?).

Packaging mistake. In RPM version comparison, numbers are "higher than"

1 > a
1 > f
1 > fc9
33.1 > 33.fc9
33.1.fc8 > 33.fc9

Ah, I missed that the f8 version was "33.1.fc8", not "33.fc8".

For hal-info, it looks suspiciously like an f8 update postdated the f9 release and is versioned such that the f8 is "newer". I guess the even-newer f10 package will just "fix" this, but it's still strange.

Any thoughts?

Packaging mistakes. Such updates for older dist branches ought to
increase the package release at the very right:  1.fc8 --> 1.fc8.1 --> 1.fc8.2
and so on, to stay "older than" 1.fc9


Oh, well, guess I'll wait for f10 to have versions that actually look newer.

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