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Re: Who moved my bug?

Brian Pepple wrote:
Or the thread were the proposal was originally discussed by the
community before it was brought to FESCo.


Thanks for the reference. It was a pleasure reading a long thread that was constructive throughout. But I do want to point out two things.

1) Developers who have no interest in triage might not have watched this thread. In particular, they might not have realized the consequence of the bugzilla workflow changes. Also, as was pointed out in the thread, users would not understand that ASSIGNED meant something different in Fedora than in other open source projects. The point is that this discussion and decision making process occurred within a limited audience, not necessarily including everybody who will be affected. It should not be surprising that other audiences will object when they realize the consequences of the changes. 2) As the subject was reopened in this list and needed another committee discussion to close the issue, the conclusion should have been communicated to this list, preferably as a note to the thread that reopened the discussion.

That said, I really want to praise Jon for a well thought out proposal for improving the bugzilla workflow. Also, after the last few flame wars that I have watched, the entire approach to community input was refreshing.

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