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Re: Anaconda installs OOM with selinux-policy-targeted rpm from F9 updates

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Martin Langhoff wrote:
> One the last rounds of testing the new release of OLPCXS, I rebuilt it
> with fresh packages from F9 update and started testing the installer.
> Funny thing, the install did not complete -- instead, the machine
> would switch off after spending a few minutes trying to install
> selinux-policy-targeted.
> After a few attempts to diagnose the problem, I managed to see vmstat
> go all the way down to almost 0 memory just before the machine turned
> itself off. This particular machine has ~980MB RAM available to the
> OS. Tested on another machine with a proper 1GB memory, vmstat hit
> bottom at ~10MB free while installing selinux-policy-targeted but
> quickly recovered.
> I know I've installed earlier F9 based spins on machines with 512 MB
> of physical RAM so this seems like a fairly bad regression, specially
> considering that I'll soon need to install this on a machine with
> 256MB RAM.
> So I suspect we have 2 problems
>  - Selinux-policy-targeted instalation seems to have balooned into a
> memory hog between f9-release and f9-updates
>  - Anaconda OOMs without a warning or useful message to the user
> Has anyone else seen this? Diagnostics to recommend? I can
> successfully log anything to disk until moments before the OOM
> shutdown.
> Will post version numbers of the selinux rpm tomorrow when I get back
> in front of the offending machine and installer image. Apologies for
> the vagueness :-)
> cheers,
> m
selinux-policy-targeted is a memory hog, but it should not have changed
that drastically in updates.

Is this repeatable?

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