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Re: Concerns about 'provenpackager' and why I didn't mass ACL open

On Fri November 7 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:

> For rawhide, somebody would be able to commit a change and do a build,
> and it would automatically go out in rawhide.  But for a released
> package, since it has to go through bodhi, only the "owner" can do bodhi
> updates at this time.  There are plans to enable co-maintainers to
> submit updates too, but that would again be specifically granted people,
> rather than members of a larger group.

Can the comainters edit the update after it is created, e.g. add bugs and a 
description and request moves or is this now all left to the primary 

Is there are timeframe until it will be possible to completely comaintain 
packages again? E.g. I started to comaintain some packages where the original 
maintainers did not have enough time to completely maintain them, so if they 
are now again needed to do more work, this does not really work out. :-/


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