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Re: Concerns about 'provenpackager' and why I didn't mass ACL open

Jesse Keating wrote:
> For rawhide, somebody would be able to commit a change and do a build,
> and it would automatically go out in rawhide.  But for a released
> package, since it has to go through bodhi, only the "owner" can do bodhi
> updates at this time.  There are plans to enable co-maintainers to
> submit updates too, but that would again be specifically granted people,
> rather than members of a larger group.

Ouch... If that's true, that's a really big regression! Bodhi has allowed
comaintainers and even members of packager to submit updates for quite a
while now, and this has been seen as a good thing.

An "owner-only" policy is going to severely impede pushing KDE updates, as
we need to submit updates for a big group of packages with different
nominal primary maintainers (but all effectively team-maintained by us).
And they need to be pushed as a group because all the new KDE packages
depend on the new kdelibs (it's backwards- but not forwards-compatible).

Other updates which need to be pushed as grouped updates are also similarly
affected (e.g. xulrunner and dependent packages).

I think it is absolutely essential for at least people with explicit commit
access to be able to push updates.

        Kevin Kofler

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