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Re: Proposal: Rolling Release

Matej Cepl wrote:

The point of using any distribution instead of rolling your own linux from scratch is that others theoretically have worked together to make sure that everything is compatible. If a distro doesn't arrange for this kind of cooperation it can't provide what users need and expect.

I know that I shouldn't feed a troll, but I couldn't resist -- in my not so humble opinion, most of the third party repos (except for the one, which I cannot name here) are more or less products of the time when it was difficult to put new packages into Fedora proper (yes, there were times before Extras). Now, I really don't see the reason, why you cannot take your package (except for the pesky legal reasons, but less put that aside) and put that package into Fedora.

Do I miss anything?

Can a java-sun-compat package go there - or is one already for a Sun 1.5 version? Can all the stuff from jpackage.org go there? Should it have to? If it doesn't all go is there any way to keep the parts that do from conflicting with the parts that don't?

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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