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Re: Proposal: Rolling Release

from http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Interviews/PreUpgrade

Seth Vidal: However, in a huge number of the cases a yum upgrade
worked fine for updating your distro. I've been updating my laptop for
quite some time that way, lots of people have.

Will Woods: Live upgrades are kind of crazy. It's a
frequently-requested feature, especially from people coming from
Ubuntu or Debian: "Why doesn't Fedora have 'apt-get dist-upgrade'!
It's so simple and easy!"

Well, it's actually not that simple *or* easy. Have you actually read
the 20 pages of directions for preparing for an upgrade[1] ? Or the
11-page-long list of potential problems with performing such an
upgrade[2] ?

Yum upgrades use your (now old and out-of-date) yum, rpm libraries,
kernel, etc. to perform the upgrade. And they do it on a running
system! All sorts of weird things can happen when you upgrade the
entire system while it's running.

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