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Re: starting Fedora Server SIG

Peter Robinson wrote:
Fedora is not in a bad state with respect to fine grained dependencies

if its a problem where's the bug report, I don't currently see any
open bugs against ntop at all which means the problem has either been
fixed, or the maintainer isn't aware there's an issue. Having a quick
look at the ntop rpm it looks like its the graphviz bit the pulls in
all the gnome stuff, no doubt that can be split out into a sub
package, as could probably the mysql and perl dependencies.

Whats the issue with graphviz?

Nothing per say. Its the case of ntop's dependency on it for a base
leve firewall/router style device it pulls in essentially the whole of
gnome. A quick look at graphviz's list of deps it looks like it has
split up the dependencies quite a bit. See the complaint about ntop
and it pulling in metacity further up in the thread.


Are there guidelines somewhere on what packages should not be pulled in on a server?

Currently graphviz has a gtk+ renderer in its base package. I can see that that could be separated. What else?

John Ellson

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