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Re: starting Fedora Server SIG

Dan Horák wrote:
There were many discussions in the past few days and weeks about the
orientation Fedora currently has. It is a fact that currently
Fedora is primarily desktop oriented.

We agree that Desktop is important part of the system, it is highly
visible to the public and large number of Fedora users. But we also see
a large number of Fedora and CentOS users and RHEL customers with very
specific needs and demands. We can not omit the server fundamentals that
later create a successful enterprise product and in our opinion a formal
entity must exist to coordinate these efforts.

That's why we started work on establishing the Fedora Server SIG. The
draft is available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DanHorak/ServerSIG
Any constructive ideas are welcome  :-)


Strongly interested. All I do in Fedora/EPEL-land is focused towards enterprisey/server usage and there are some suprisingly large datacenter/grid installations. Please do start a list. Fedora-devel is much too high traffic to keep up momentum (kind of like carrying on a conversation while treading water in a rough sea) and I can guarantee you'll see interest.

I'll offer to bring this up on the cobbler and Func lists, I'd suggest you also mention this on the EPEL list as there's a lot of overlap with that community and Fedora development interests.

I think some of the most important things we can do is encourage people to share information about the tools they are using, getting them packaged, and creating a community for people who use Fedora in server configurations to talk about what they are doing and how we can better integrate management applications. The value in spins diminishes when network install environments are available -- so I'm much less interested in that. Providing a community where we can get people together who use Fedora in a server context however, and just see what happens, however, would be supremely valuable.


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