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Re: starting Fedora Server SIG

Jon Ciesla wrote:
Jon Ciesla wrote:
Yes, they are.  On an install without any X components, 'yum install
gnome-terminal' will pull in X libs but not an X server.

In fact, if you install the gnome desktop group, but don't check the
group, you get gnome but not X server to run it on.
Perfect for ssh tunneling or a freenx server.
Will you be missing any authentication or device ownership magic if you
use freenx exclusively instead of the console?
I would expect to add those bits manually if authconfig didn't provide
them.  Kickstart FTW!
I thought these days certain things were changed dynamically depending
on who logged into the console.

Such as?  Not sure I follow you.

I thought the audio device and perhaps some other things are now magically owned by the user logged in at the console. If everyone logs in with freenx, they may want their audio diverted to their display connection or not. How do you manage the server audio for the case where it is actually an audio server not really tied to any user session, or a freenx desktop user happens to be nearby and wants his session-related audio to go to the server-connected speakers?

Note also that desktop and server activities aren't clearly defined and are not mutually exclusive. What should happen to a server-type audio manager (say a web-controlled music player) when a GUI session does log in at the console or someone does fast user switching there?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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