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Re: starting Fedora Server SIG

James Antill <james fedoraproject org> writes:

>> > If we don't have a good default course of action, why do you think the
>> > user is going to know better?
>> Why do you think, that 'yum' knows which choice is the best one? E.g. the
>> 'plymouth' case shows that the wrong decision was taken and that the user
>> would have made the right one.
> You mean an extremely well informed user might have made the better
> choice.

Chances are much higher that a user (who knows his needs) makes a better
choice than 'yum' which follows a shorter-wins strategy.

> I'm not sure _I_ would have, I guess if I had the package summaries I
> could work out what -solar was by reading what -text-and-details-only
> did and assuming it was the opposite.

A user friendly prompting would be:

'yum' encountered an ambiguous situation while trying to resolve the
'foo-bar' dependency. Do you want to continue with the builtin strategy
([Y])? When not, you can install

[1] foo-blub (15KiB size, 8 direct dependencies)
[2] bar-blub (42MiB size, 23 direct dependencies)
[A] all of the packages above

or show the

[S] summary
[D] full description

of these packages? Please enter your choice (separate multiple packages
by ',' or by space):

>  I've recently posted a patch to the yum ML which would allow Fedora (or
> any active repo.) to configure these choices manually. We could then
> also easily have different defaults for the desktop vs. the server
> spins.

Idea of spins is ok when creating CD/DVD images but pretty useless for
online installations/upgrades.


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