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Re: F11 Proposal: Stabilization

Seth Vidal wrote:

In the case of "I just want a newer OpenOffice" and don't touch
everything else, that's already covered by a yum install today -- but we
do need something for the update case(s).

The upside here is that it's purely client side code.  We don't have to
change anything about how we prepare and publish updates.

Just to be clear I'm understanding:

we want to update openoffice and whatever it needs, but nothing else.

or you want to list a set of apps you want newer versions of and as little else as possible?

is that correct?

so it would be like an alias that says:

yum update really means yum update openoffice\* somestuff\*  \

I think what people really want is 'updates that fix the things that are already broken' but not 'updates that break something new'. Can you come up with a way to 'crowdsource' this statistic? Perhaps an optional poll where people could rate the health of their system and individual apps, preferably tied somehow to the smolt hardware reports so someone could see how the current updates run on hardware like their own or which update triggered a flurry of problems. Or maybe this could be automated - but the absence of problem reports for an update could mean that no machines survived to send them...

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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