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Re: ANNOUNCE: Smock (simpler mock) - a mock wrapper for chain building

On Tue November 18 2008, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> 'Smock' stands for 'simpler mock'.  It's a script that runs on top of
> mock, allowing you to chain-build a series of RPMs from a single
> command.
>   smock.pl --arch=i386 --arch=x86_64 \
>       --distro=fedora-9 --distro=fedora-10 \
>       *.src.rpm
> The above command would arrange the SRPMs into the correct order
> according to their BuildRequires, then build each in the four separate
> mock environments Fedora {9,10} {i386,x86_64}.  It makes the result of
> each previous package build available to subsequent packages, and in
> case of error it is fully restartable (it skips packages which have
> already been built).

Sadly it seems not to work with only srpm or if the only BRs that several 
srpms connect are of the type "%{name}-devel", because it seems to assume 
that every srpm only provides it's name as a package.


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