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Re: F11 Proposal: Stabilization

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 15:59, James Antill <james fedoraproject org> wrote:
>  Indeed, and someone else wants the latest transmission and someone else
> the latest pidgin and someone else...
>  So you either need 100x distributions, or the latest stuff of
> everything.
>> > I would personally much
>> > prefer that stuff that used to work didn't break randomly, and that
>> > stable Fedora updates wouldn't result in me wondering whether suspend,
>> > graphics, SELinux, or some other feature that was working was going to
>> > break today. This isn't actually a rant, more pointing out a necessity.
>> Agreed, but I tend to say we should work towards a solution where we can
>> ship the "latest bells and whistles" and nevertheless provide stability.

What I would like is that updates for the current fedora release only
contain security fixes. updates/9/SRPMS.newkey currently contains 2257
files, which seems to be too much. It also means that a lot of new
features which will be in f10 already trickled down to f9.

During fedora 9 I had these things breaking: sound, keyboard / mouse
combination, wlan and rhgb. Probably more I can't remember. My guess
is that every fedora user is by now used to do "rpm --oldversion ..."
and going to bugzilla first to check for bug reports of the day.

If someone really wants to live on the edge he can always (and
probably already does) use rawhide.

It also would make me look forward to fedora 10 even more because it
would give me a lot more new stuff.


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